Balenciaga – Authorized Retailers

Balenciaga NY
This is the official website for Balenciaga. While you are not able to purchase the bags online, you can view styles and colors for the current season. You can also contact Bal-NY directly via their contact information. The store does not accept returns (except for damaged merchandise), but offers store credit within 14 days of shipment arrival.
List of Authorized International Retailers
Traveling to another country, or just unsure where to buy Balenciaga bags in your own country? Here’s a list of international Balenciaga retailers with their phone numbers.
Aloha Rag
This high end boutique located in HI stocks Balenciaga moto bags, and also maintains a waiting list for the next season’s colors. While you cannot buy the bags online (must fax in your order), free shipping, ability to make a return (with a restocking fee) and no sales tax makes this an excellent retailer. And Jumpei is one of the best SA’s around.
Recently, Bluefly has had several confirmed FAKE Balenciaga handbags in classique, city classique, and possibly other styles available for sale. When confronted with evidence, Bluefly refused to accept responsibility for the matter, refused to issue a FULL REFUND (i.e., shipping charges were not refunded) and insisted that the bags were authentic.Shame on you, Bluefly.
Browns UK
Located in the UK, Browns is a high end department store that also sells Balenciaga moto bags. You cannot buy the bags online through traditional point and click methods (Balenciaga does not allow this for any online shops), there are pictures available of new colors for the season.
Cricket DesignerWear
This brick and mortar store in Liverpool UK, a favorite among footballer wives/girlfriends, also has Balenciaga bags for sale.
Cult Status Australia
Located in Australia, this high end boutique carries Balenciaga bags with pictures available of the bags online.
Gretta Luxe
Although this high end boutique’s website does not offer any Balenciaga bags, the brick and mortar store in Wellesley, MA has some stock. So it is a good alternative when the other shops are sold out.
This family run high end shoe boutique (formerly known as Bob Ellis Shoes) located in Atlanta, GA also stocks Balenciaga bags (among other high end designer bags). However, you must complete the purchase offline in accordance with Balenciaga’s policies.
Luisa via Roma
This high end boutique located in the EU offers a great select of high end designer handbags, including Balenciaga bags. Although pictures of the bags are not readily available on the website, their CS will gladly email you a PDF of all the available bags.
Located in the suburbs of Chicago, Shirise offers Balenciaga moto bags for sale offline. Recently, Balenciaga SS 06 handbags went for 30% and then 50% sale, so it’s good to sign up for their email newsletter, and keep their number on your speed dial.

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