Carpet Bags: Classic Style and Practicality

A carpet bag is a distinctively charming bag that is both useful and good looking. Carpet bags have been used for many years, but when Mary Poppins carried a carpet bag in the movie of the same title, these simple bags became famous. These classic bags are as versatile and useful as they are elegant.

Because they are no longer actually made from old carpet, these bags are also often called tapestry bags. Carpet bags have leather and brass details, and they are fully lined.
Modern carpet bags are made from heavy weight tapestry fabrics making them strong and durable while still having their own distinctive beauty and style.

The tapestry fabrics used to create these one of a kind bags are beautifully rich in color and texture. The fabric’s distinctive motifs come from all over the world from places like the Middle East, and Asia.

The bag a woman carries says a lot about who she is and it sets the tone of the outfit she is wearing. Carpet bags are not trendy. They are a timeless, classic style that will set the woman who carries one apart. Each bag is individually made, so they are one of a kind with a character all their own. You’ll have no need to worry about looking around and seeing everyone else carrying the exact same bag.

The larger, luggage style carpet bags are not just for women. Men with refined taste will appreciate the character and elegance of a carpet bag also.

So whether you choose a carpet bag tote, purse or overnight sized luggage, you can be sure that you will have a distinctive bag that will garner praise and compliments and the question that will follow you everywhere will be, “Where did you get that bag?”

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