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The Chanel handbag is a well known designer handbag adored by designer handbag connoisseurs the world over. The Chanel name has been around for many years earning itself a position high on the handbag fashion ladder. Women all over the world currently have Chanel handbags in their closets, but there is always room for more purses and handbags!

The Chanel name has become a symbol of status and beauty sought after by women worldwide. It all started many years ago when a very talented young lady named Coco Chanel, with an eye for style made her way into the fashion world. She was chic and on the the cutting edge, with an ability to create incredibly stunning designer fashions. This eye for style trickled down to her Chanel designer handbag, purse, and wallet creations making them number “1” on the most wanted list. Classic Chanel Handbags.

The First Chanel Bags Although Coco began with hats and clothing, designer handbags were a natural progression. A purse is an extension of a woman’s wardrobe, along with her shoes and perfume. Chanel handbags are an expansion of the Chanel fashions, with the same traditions being incorporated into the bags’ designs.
With matching fabrics, trims and fine details, the first Chanel handbags were a classic fit to the rest of the brand. When a woman in the early 1900s would dress, she could easily create a matched outfit complete with her Chanel clothes and accessories.

The Little Black Bag It is no surprise that when Chanel invented the “Little Black Dress” along with it came the “Little Black Bag”. Then, when she expanded her costume jewelry line, her handbags began to be accessorized with:

  • gold chains
  • clasps
  • and jeweled buttons.

Her signature bag become the black handbag with the gold chain shoulder strap, Coco herself never left the house without it.

The Shoulderbag

Along with her liberation of women through clothing, Coco also incorporated this mission within her handbag collection. In the 1930s, she created the first handbag that could hang on a woman’s shoulder. With the idea that freeing a woman’s hand movements would free her personality, the first shoulder bag was born. The Chanel shoulder bag had a slow beginning, but really took off in the 1950s.
At this time, Chanel re-released a slimmed down, squared and quilted shoulder bag version, which became an instant status symbol for the next fifty years.

Chanel Bags Today In many ways, today’s Chanel handbags have changed very little. The timeless fashion of a Chanel bag highlights the collection of many purse enthusiasts. Aspects of the original bags that have been maintained are:

  • The original quilted leather.
  • The textured fabrics.
  • The chains.
  • The signature symbol of two CC’s.

With a classic and ageless appearance, the Chanel collection for fall 2006 still offers similar trends to history, from tweeds to chains, and always a “little black bag”. The product line is limited and only varies slightly with each new season.

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