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This is the link to the official Chloe website. Although you cannot purchase the bags directly online, this site has pictures of all the bags available for a given season, making it an indispensable resource.
Aloha Rag
This high end boutique located in Hawaii carries Chloe handbags online. If you don’t see a bag on the site, or would like to waitlist for a bag, you can always email the wonderful SA Jumpei.
Bergdorf Goodman
This department store giant offers Chloe handbags to purchase online (and frequently with the pre-order option for elusive “IT” bags). It sometimes has different selection than Neiman Marcus, so check both when searching for a bag.
Recently, Bluefly has had several confirmed FAKE Chloe handbags in paddington satchel, hobo, and possibly other styles available for sale. When confronted with evidence, Bluefly refused to accept responsibility for the matter, refused to issue a FULL REFUND (i.e., shipping charges were not refunded) and insisted that the bags were authentic.Shame on you, Bluefly. So Bluefly is definitely NOT an authorized retailer, and I strongly recommend against shopping with them.
Cricket DesignerWear
This brick and mortar store in Liverpool UK, a favorite among footballer wives/girlfriends, also has Chloe Paddington and Silverado bags for sale.
Helen Yi
This high end boutique in Chicago carries an extensive amount of Chloe handbags and clothes. Last time I checked, they had the Paddington, Silverado, Betty, and Edith (though the Edith sold out quickly) all available. While you cannot order online yet, the SA’s are very helpful.
Luisa via Roma
For shoppers located in the US, LVR may be the cheapest source as far as authorized retailers of Chloe go. Not only do you receive a 17.5% VAT refund, but you also don’t pay as much in customs fees as you do with Net-a-Porter. Along with a great selection of handbags, there is also the option to pre-order, guaranteeing that “IT” bag you’ve been eyeing. The only drawback to pre-ordering is that your credit card is charged once the bag comes in or after 20 days, whichever comes first. So you may end up with a credit card charge a month or two before you receive the bag.
Neiman Marcus
This department store giant offers Chloe handbags to purchase online (and frequently with the pre-order option for elusive “IT” bags).
One of the few authorized online retailers of Chloe handbags and based in the UK, also maintains waiting lists for the bags, and offers prices with built in duty (no more guess work on how much the bag is actually going to cost you when it goes through customs).

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