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A Coach handbag or two is exactly what you need to accessorize the classy attire in your wardrobe with a touch of flare. These Coach designer handbags have a way of finishing your look with just the right amount of style and beauty. Not too little and not too much! Coach handbags are an absolute must have for any woman.

It was over 40 years ago that the fashion world was blessed with the introduction of Coach’s classic line of simple yet eloquent handbag designs. Since then, Coach has developed many new shapes, styles, colors, and materials for designing their handbags. Coach developed a smart combination of pockets, straps, sizes, and shapes which were carefully planned to provide you with some of the most efficient, convenient, and comfortable handbags on the market today. If you are a woman who likes her storage wrapped up in elegance, then the Coach designer handbag is definitely for you!

If quality is important to you, then you will be happy to know that with a handbag made by Coach the seams are double-stitched where they get the most wear. Only premium leathers are chosen by Coach for making each handbag, and with a slow curing method the natural markings on the leather bags are enhanced making each handbag original and unique. Coach understands that it’s always nice knowing that you have a one-of-a-kind handbag, after all, you yourself are one-of-a-kind too!

Coach Traditions

The Style

Coach is one of the few brands that truly live up to its image. When a woman shops for a handbag, she knows to expect quality from the Coach selection. Their design consistency has created a distinctive look, much like a signature perfume. The Coach handbag says a woman is classy, elegant, a lady.

The Quality

This consistency is important to the Coach Company. The leather, texture, color, and stitching is uniform in design and superiority, both inside and out. This stability helps the buyer quickly spot a fake after a simple inspection. When holding a Coach handbag, you can easily identify the stability in quality throughout every piece and stitch of the bag.

The Leather

The Coach designers hand pick their leathers from only the top 10% produced for manufacturing. They tan the leather in large drums with natural treatments to enhance each product, constructing a truly unique grain pattern with each individual bag produced. Once purchased, the bag continued to be molded through the individual who owns it. As the leather transforms with each touch, the finished Coach handbag truly becomes an original.

Types of Coach Handbags

The Coach handbags assortment has grown along with the company. They now offer a wide variety of collections, both classic and high fashion. In addition to their popular trends, they still offer a small selection of classic favorites. If you have ever owned, or still own, a classic Coach handbag, check to see if it is still available online at their website Stroll down memory lane and visit those turn clasps, clip straps and historic semi-circle handles.

In their more recent collections, you can find them sorted into three types:

In Hand

A timeless look of the smaller clutch purse style that is convenient to grab and go, is found in the smaller handled handbag. The following are some selected examples of their vast selection.

  • Basic Look – The Coach Hampton’s Leather Signature Pouch: Available in three colors, black, mahogany and Bordeaux, this classic bag is great for travel as it is small and soft.
  • Flashier Style – Mia Satchel: Decked out in rivets, buckles and stabilizing boot feet, this bag is a quick fashion grab bag – available in chestnut and indigo colors.

On Shoulder

Typically a larger bag to grab and swing, the on-the-shoulder bag is one of the most popular. As their largest category, we have highlighted two different examples.

  • Basic Look – Chelsea Leather Hobo: A true carry it all purse with lots of extra room, it is versatile and simple in design. Available in black or mahogany pebbled leather.
  • Fancier Style – Coach Soho Laced Leather Hobo: A fresh look with all the new fall fashion trimmings, including studding and lacing. Displayed in an oversized crescent moon shaped bag, the only color available is a silver metallic.

Across Body

Typically a comfortable style purse, most of the Coach versions have adjustable straps to enable them to also be used only on the shoulder. With a smaller amount available in this type, we choose two examples.

  • Basic Look – New Coach Hampton’s Leather Signature Taffy: This is a delicately soft and tailored bag that could easily transition from day to night. With an extra long strap that can also be knotted at the shoulder, this bag is available in black, Bordeaux or tobacco.
  • Fancier Style – Chelsea Optic Signature Swing Pack: A small bag with a big statement, it is fashionably designed with jacquard fabric and leather trim. An organizer style bag with many pockets for cell phone, I-pod, keys and more, it is available in three color combinations: silver/white, silver/black, and silver/khaki.

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    I love Coach handbags.
    Personally i was surprised to find it’s not well-known in Europe. And They can compete at any time with all famous bags brands, while being more inexpensive.

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