Designer Purses – The History of the Designers You Love

You probably love Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel designer purses but do you know how those famous names became the leaders in the fashion industry. Knowing a little bit about the backgrounds of these design houses can make these purses even more valuable to you.

Prada: A Long History in Handbags

Back in 1913, Mario Prada established the Fratelli Prada store in Milan, Italy which sold leather items, including handbags. Shockingly, he never approved of doing business interactions with women so almost all of his clients were noblemen from throughout the country. Mario died in the 1950’s and his daughter-in-law ran the company for the next 20 years. However it was Mario’s daughter Miuccia and her partner Patrizio Bertelli took over the company in 1978. Under her, the Prada name started to emerge as one of the great designer labels in the world. While Prada had been around for more than eight decades, the name came into its own in the 1990’s and started to become the ultimate fashion symbol we’ve all come to love.

A Long Way from Luggage: Louis Vuitton

Long before Louis Vuitton was synonymous with some of the most beautiful purses available, it was the name of a French man who decided to walk from Jura to Paris in 1835. The journey was long but Vuitton was determined to be successful. Soon after reaching the City of Lights, he began creating his own luggage and that luggage would be the foundation of his success. In 1892, Vuitton’s son took over the family business. He brought the name to the United States just a year later by having an exhibition at the Chicago World’s Fair. During the first half of the 20th century, the company started diversifying and eventually added handbags, wallets, and purses to its line up of items. However, what really set the stage for the company’s success with the women of the world was product placement. In the movie Charade, Audrey Hepburn is filmed carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag. The rest is history.

Chanel: The Name of Women’s Fashion

Much of the world’s fashion for women was designed by men but it was Coco Chanel who made the difference. She started the House of Chanel in 1910 and began by completely changing the view of what was appropriate in women’s clothing. Just three years later, she introduced sportswear for women and in just two more years her clothing line had become famous throughout France. After 1921, Chanel started to create new products, including perfume and jewelry. In the middle of the 1950’s, she also introduced the famous quilted bag. Today, under the direction of Karl Lagerfeld, the Luxury Line has been introduced along with some of the most popular purses ever available.

While these are only three of the top designer purse labels available, they are some of the most popular and are the ones that women love to have on their arm as they walk down the street.

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