Handbags: Beauty is Mesh Deep

A lot of people who when the first time the lay their eyes on the price, they immediately think too themselves “this is too good to be true.” Though logically that’s what they think, their emotions get the best of them and they rationalize the purchase anyway thinking “I have to get it quickly or it won’t be available at this price later on”.

So the person gets the bag for the low price and walks home thinking they got a steal especially since the product comes from a very reputable and well-known retailer and also is of authentic material.

Unfortunately, like when dealing with a man who is too good to be true, you start noticing flaws and things that you’ve overlooked in the past. For instance you may find the bag too small for your liking, as in it won’t be able to hold things like your wallet, digital camera, cell phone, keys, chap stick, and a whole bunch of other things.

You may find the handbag to be too short in some departments to prevent you from comfortably being able to tuck comfortably under your arm. In the end after several trials with the bag, you find that it just doesn’t do it for you the way you hoped. Activities such as dancing and simply doing some window shopping becomes a drag after a while with this handbag.

Sure the bag is cute, but perhaps it’s best advised that you look around a bit more next time to see what you are getting yourself into without rationalizing the situation away.

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