How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

There are numerous ways to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag. I had had it with being ripped off and did some investigating. I will touch on a couple obvious thing to look for!

Sellers of fake Louis Vuitton bags seem to be so careless that they leave some very obvious tell tale clues for us. These basic principles can be used for any Louis Vuitton bag.

The Tag This Louis Vuitton tag should not have a blue number printed on it. It should not have a blue number anywhere. Retailers seem to leave these tags on as they think this will some how prove that the bag is real. If you see this tag with a printed number down the side steer clear of the bag.

The Packaging This bag does not have a number printed on the tag but it does have another big clue that it is fake. The plastic around the the handles. This looks cheap. Some Louis Vuitton bags do have protective plastic around the handles if they are brand new but most resale bags aren’t. If a bag has ever been used or was a display model the plastic should not be there. As there is no such thing as Louis Vuitton wholesale consider where the seller got the bag from if the plastic is still on the handles.

Paper Everywhere Most fakes have paper around the hardware to protect it. This Alma bag has paper around the zip pulls and handles and you even see some with paper around every rivet.

The Price One of the easiest ways of checking if a bag is fake is just by looking at the price. If it is over 50% less than the price of the same bag in a Louis Vuitton retailer it is a fake.

Louis Vuitton does not sell bags at wholesale. Even if they did if the bag costs $1500/£825 in their shops they are not going to sell it at wholesale for $75 so another seller can sell it to you for $150. It’s not good business sense. If the bag is previously owned and the owner wants to sell it why would they sell it for a tenth of its value. I know if I’d spent $1500/£825 on a bag I would want at least half of that price back if I sold it. I would probably keep hold of it until Louis Vuitton stopped making them and then sell it for a profit.

There is so much more information as to how to spot a Louis Vuitton bag like Symmetry, Quality, Date Codes & Serial Numbers, Stamps & Markings, Metal Wear, Locks & Keys, Rivets, Material, Tag, The Lock and Sides, for pictures and more information visit

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    hi, i have a louis vuitton bag how do i spot that its fake

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