How To Spot Fake Designer Handbags

Designer handbags are all the rage and all women barring those that do not live in ordinary time would probably want to have one, a couple or a hundred if possible. Still, there is that question of price, price and price. Are there any other problems beside that?
With it’s pricey price, there are a lot of designer handbags knock-offs being sold in the market today. In the Internet alone, there are literally hundreds of sites selling fake designer handbags at low costs. Some scammers do not even tell that the designer handbags on their sites are designer knock-offs. And to be totally honest, some are so close in design and workmanship with the original that only a true designer handbag expert can tell if it is the real thing or the reel deal. So how can one spot the authentic from the fake without having the necessary years and years of experience with designer handbags?

Designing the design

Thank god then for the Internet as you can easily compare the original from the fake by just logging on to the website of the designer label and download the picture of the handbag that you want to examine. All of the websites carry close-up shots of the handbags that they carry so that it would be easier for consumers to spot differences in design, cut and even the color of the thread being used. Some websites will also carry tips that will further help you spot the telling difference.

Get to the Fabric

Remember that paying big bucks for handbag is not only paying for the brand name but also to the materials it used and the quality of its craftsmanship. Most handbags are hand-made, the beaded ones all the more so. Materials used to produce the designer handbags are top of the line and first class. As designer labels have strict quality control, you can be sure that you are getting the best for your money. This is one way to spot a fake. If there, is a problem with stitching or with any part of the designer handbag, then it might not be the real thing. Only those designer handbags that are perfectly done right down to the minutest details are the ones that you are sure of to be originals.

Don’t forget the details

While the basic cut, shape and size of the handbag may be identical with the original, small details like the lock, the zipper and even the inside pockets will be different. Sometimes the material itself will feel the same but the print will not. Make sure then that the prints are clear and cleanly printed. Also, Put special attention to cuffs, collar, buckles and other trimmings in the handbag that may point to a less than authentic finish.
Also, when buying make sure that you know the trademarks and symbols of designer labels as most designer knock-offs would not dare copy the exact trademark. Hermes handbags, for instance, should have the Hermes Paris stamp while the Versace, Hugo Boss, Dolce and Gabbana should have the authentic labels inside.
Packaging has it While the bag may be hard to examine, the packaging of the designer handbag can provide clues on whether the designer handbags are fakes or not. Be alert for things like labels, tags, identity cards and even dust boxes, as they may sometimes reveal what the bag itself cannot

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