Designer Inspired Handbags vs. Replica Designer Handbags

I understand that no one likes the counterfeit market. Designers claim they lose money on sales. I would say they don’t. Do they think that any woman who could afford to pay thousands of dollars for their handbag would resort to buying replica handbags? I know that if I could afford to buy an authentic Hermes Birkin handbag I would. Unfortunately, I’m not like Victoria Beckham who is rumored to have spend over 2 million dollars on Hermes handbags. So I’m going to continue to buy replica handbags whenever I can.

Not as many people have problems with what are called Designer Inspired handbags. It seems that a small tweak to the LV logo or the Coach logo makes these handbags OK.

I’m not looking to cheat any designer out of money. I’m just looking for a good bargain on a well made handbag. I would expect that if I purchase a Coach handbag for $29 I’m going to be getting a very inferior bag. If you don’t want to be disappointed don’t buy it! If you buy a better-made replica handbag, you’ll be just as happy as if you had the real thing.

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What To Look For When Shopping For Wholesale Handbags

For many of us a purse or handbag is much more than just a place to store our stuff. Indeed, a purse can be a great fashion statement as well as a sign of the good taste and style of the person who carries it. Even though a purse can be a great fashion statement, however it makes no sense to spend so much money buying the handbag that you have no money left to put inside it. That is perhaps why the market for wholesale handbags has been so hot lately.

These wholesale handbags run the gamut in both price and quality, ranging from very cheap and throwaway handbags and purses to the most expensive and luxurious designer handbags like those from Coach, Gucci and other top brand names.

There are many places to purchase wholesale handbags as well these days. Indeed these days excellent quality purses and handbags at great prices can be found everywhere from department stores and discount retailers to specialty stores and wholesale warehouse clubs. In addition, many internet retailers also sell an enormous selection of high quality handbags at excellent prices. Whether you are looking for a high quality handbag from your favorite designer or just a good quality usable bag, chances are your favorite internet retailers have what you have been looking for.

When shopping for wholesale handbags, no matter where you choose to buy it is important to consider the quality of the bag as well as the low price. While everyone loves to save money, sacrificing quality to achieve a lower price will not yield the best value in the long run. That is because while a well made handbag can last for many years, a poorly made one may need to be replaced after only a couple of months. It is far better, therefore to pay a little bit more up front in order to get a great wholesale handbag that will last a good long time.

Finding the right discount purses and handbags is not always as easy process, but it is certainly worth the wait to find a high quality bag at a great price. Finding the best quality purse at the best possible price is important, no matter what kind of fashion statement you are trying to make.

No matter what type of purse or handbag you choose to buy, however, it is important that it be a practical purchase as well as a beautiful one. While a purse is an important fashion statement, it needs to be a practical purchase as well. It is important to look for things like the presence of handy pockets designed for carrying cell phones, music players, pagers and the like. After all, these days we are all carrying more and more expensive gadgets around, and it is important that the wholesale handbag you choose have plenty of secure pockets and compartments to keep these items safe from damage, theft and loss.

Angle has been in the fashion industry for more than 15 years and most recently taken up interest in freelance writing in online fashion websites. For a free newsletter with the latest and hottest fashion trends in the handbag industry, please visit for designer inspired handbags.

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What Makes Leather Handbags So Special?

A leather handbag is the ideal type of handbag for the woman on the go who does not like to change handbags often. Leather is a very strong and durable material able to withstand regular wear and tear and still look good. What makes leather handbags so popular though is their unique natural beauty. With genuine leather animal hides, you can create some very unusual and stylish handbags.

Handbags made with leather each have their own individual characteristics, as no two pieces of leather are alike. There are many different kinds of leather purses as well. Some designers prefer to use lambskin leather for its very soft and supple feel and excellent look, whereas others may choose to work with cowhide or pigskin leather, which possess tougher, properties that are more durable. As awful as pigskin may sound, it actually makes for very soft and nice looking leather.

When shopping for a leather bag you do not necessarily think about what kind of leather it is, just as long as it is leather. Whatever types of leather the handbag is made with, you know you are getting quality material. For this very reason, leather purses usually cost more than any other material, but just remember that it’s also going to last longer than any other handbag.

Leather purses can range in price from very reasonable to very expensive. It all depends on the handbag designer and the quality of the leather. Remember though, that when you purchase a leather bag it is going to last you a long time. So the extra expense is well worth it!

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Is Your Designer Handbag Authentic?

You pay a pretty penny for a Gucci bag or any other designer handbag be it Fendi, Prada, Chanel or Dior. Your friends are drooling over that gorgeous Gucci Turquoise Leather Handbag you just bought. Wait until they hear what a great deal you got!

But is it authentic or is it a fake? Determining authenticity can be a bit tricky because some fakes are done very well. However if you know what to watch for you can spot a fake in a minute!

The first thing you need to do is look at the bag itself. Do the materials look to be of the highest quality? How about the stitching? There should be no loose or uneven threads and the thread should match the bag exactly. If the bag is leather the logo will be engraved into the leather.

Next have a look at the hardware. The hardware should all be quality weight pieces with no scratches or color variations. Most of the designers actually have a plastic face that goes over the hardware to protect if from damage until the bag is purchased. The brand name will be engraved not embossed on the hardware. You should also be able to find the name engraved on the hardware for the strap.

Have a really close look at the liner and any accents. Check for quality. The liner should be silk and you should see the designers name or logo on the liner. Designers don’t use cheap plastic accents. Even their fancy handles that are fun and funky. If you look closely you will see leather underneath the top finish.

Many authentic handbag comes with a card of authenticity which has the manufacturers logo embossed on it, as well as information about the bag.

You need to check for a serial number. Not all designers put a serial number on their bags but many do. So have a look and see if you can find it.

Now here is the easiest clue to remember. If the deal sounds too good to be true it is. Lets face it folks how do you think that somebody on ebay has the ability to buy designer bags for less than the boutiques that sell quantities of them all year long for the designer. Do you actually think the designer is going to give these people such great deals so they can pass them on to you. Not!

You might try to convince yourself that it’s okay or that this person just stumbled across a good buy. Perhaps but highly unlikely. So if you truly want to own a designer bag then you must be careful who you give your money to.

If you don’t care and an unlicensed knock off is okay. Then fine by me. But do remember that these knock offs are illegal and no matter how bad you want a designer handbag do you really want to own one that’s not real and not legal.

If you are in the market for a designer hand bag then be sure you aren’t throwing away your money and buy it from a reputable licensed retailer. You want your bag to last you a very long time!

Sher from Estate Jewelry International have been serving customers for over 20 years, providing affordable estate jewelry, and a wealth of information on jewelry, fashion, designers, and beauty with on staff industry professionals. Please visit us at Estate Jewelry International.

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Fendi – Authorized Retailers

Fendi has finally updated their official website. It only has pics from their F/W 06 advertising campaign, and links for US buyers to go to, the only authorized LVHM online shopping site.
Among the first e-commerce sites for books, Amazon has expanded its wares to include a vast selection for the home consumer (even handbags and wallets). Although Amazon used to sell authentic Fendi wallets, the latest batch of “Fendi spies” are such obvious, bad fakes that you can smell the stink coming off of them from a mile away. So now Amazon is on the do-not-buy from list.
This online store was among the first e-commerce sites dedicated to clothing and accessories. Most of the older Fendi styles are available, including the vanity bags, and occassionally a Spy will pop up.Even those these bags have checked out as authentic, I would be wary about doing business with Bluefly given their lack of culpability with the recent fake Balenciaga and Chloe fiasco (full refunds were not issued and responsibility not taken by Bluefly reps).
Barney’s NY
Barney’s NY now offers Fendi handbags online. So get the coveted Spy, B. Fendi, Bis Bag, and Bag du Jour before they sell-out.
Bergdorf Goodman
This department store giant offers Fendi handbags to purchase online (and frequently with the pre-order option for elusive “IT” bags). It sometimes has different selection than Neiman Marcus, so check both when searching for a bag.
Browns UK
Located in the UK, Browns is a high end department store that sells Fendi bags online. Check frequently because they tend to sell out quickly.
This website operated by the LVHM group also sells Fendi handbags: Spy, Selleria, and IT bags.
Neiman Marcus
This department store giant offers Fendi handbags to purchase online (and frequently with the pre-order option for elusive “IT” bags).
Saks Fifth Avenue
This famous department store allows purchase of Fendi bags online. Although there is a smaller selection online than the NM or BG websites, frequent 10% coupons make it worth your while. Plus there is frequently an option to pre-order “IT” handbags such as the Spy.
Located in Italy, the Fendi handbags have been confirmed to be authentic by several of my friends and reliable sources. Although returns are accepted, beware of the 10% restocking fee that is charged for each return.

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Coach Handbags

A Coach handbag or two is exactly what you need to accessorize the classy attire in your wardrobe with a touch of flare. These Coach designer handbags have a way of finishing your look with just the right amount of style and beauty. Not too little and not too much! Coach handbags are an absolute must have for any woman.

It was over 40 years ago that the fashion world was blessed with the introduction of Coach’s classic line of simple yet eloquent handbag designs. Since then, Coach has developed many new shapes, styles, colors, and materials for designing their handbags. Coach developed a smart combination of pockets, straps, sizes, and shapes which were carefully planned to provide you with some of the most efficient, convenient, and comfortable handbags on the market today. If you are a woman who likes her storage wrapped up in elegance, then the Coach designer handbag is definitely for you!

If quality is important to you, then you will be happy to know that with a handbag made by Coach the seams are double-stitched where they get the most wear. Only premium leathers are chosen by Coach for making each handbag, and with a slow curing method the natural markings on the leather bags are enhanced making each handbag original and unique. Coach understands that it’s always nice knowing that you have a one-of-a-kind handbag, after all, you yourself are one-of-a-kind too!

Coach Traditions

The Style

Coach is one of the few brands that truly live up to its image. When a woman shops for a handbag, she knows to expect quality from the Coach selection. Their design consistency has created a distinctive look, much like a signature perfume. The Coach handbag says a woman is classy, elegant, a lady.

The Quality

This consistency is important to the Coach Company. The leather, texture, color, and stitching is uniform in design and superiority, both inside and out. This stability helps the buyer quickly spot a fake after a simple inspection. When holding a Coach handbag, you can easily identify the stability in quality throughout every piece and stitch of the bag.

The Leather

The Coach designers hand pick their leathers from only the top 10% produced for manufacturing. They tan the leather in large drums with natural treatments to enhance each product, constructing a truly unique grain pattern with each individual bag produced. Once purchased, the bag continued to be molded through the individual who owns it. As the leather transforms with each touch, the finished Coach handbag truly becomes an original.

Types of Coach Handbags

The Coach handbags assortment has grown along with the company. They now offer a wide variety of collections, both classic and high fashion. In addition to their popular trends, they still offer a small selection of classic favorites. If you have ever owned, or still own, a classic Coach handbag, check to see if it is still available online at their website Stroll down memory lane and visit those turn clasps, clip straps and historic semi-circle handles.

In their more recent collections, you can find them sorted into three types:

In Hand

A timeless look of the smaller clutch purse style that is convenient to grab and go, is found in the smaller handled handbag. The following are some selected examples of their vast selection.

  • Basic Look – The Coach Hampton’s Leather Signature Pouch: Available in three colors, black, mahogany and Bordeaux, this classic bag is great for travel as it is small and soft.
  • Flashier Style – Mia Satchel: Decked out in rivets, buckles and stabilizing boot feet, this bag is a quick fashion grab bag – available in chestnut and indigo colors.

On Shoulder

Typically a larger bag to grab and swing, the on-the-shoulder bag is one of the most popular. As their largest category, we have highlighted two different examples.

  • Basic Look – Chelsea Leather Hobo: A true carry it all purse with lots of extra room, it is versatile and simple in design. Available in black or mahogany pebbled leather.
  • Fancier Style – Coach Soho Laced Leather Hobo: A fresh look with all the new fall fashion trimmings, including studding and lacing. Displayed in an oversized crescent moon shaped bag, the only color available is a silver metallic.

Across Body

Typically a comfortable style purse, most of the Coach versions have adjustable straps to enable them to also be used only on the shoulder. With a smaller amount available in this type, we choose two examples.

  • Basic Look – New Coach Hampton’s Leather Signature Taffy: This is a delicately soft and tailored bag that could easily transition from day to night. With an extra long strap that can also be knotted at the shoulder, this bag is available in black, Bordeaux or tobacco.
  • Fancier Style – Chelsea Optic Signature Swing Pack: A small bag with a big statement, it is fashionably designed with jacquard fabric and leather trim. An organizer style bag with many pockets for cell phone, I-pod, keys and more, it is available in three color combinations: silver/white, silver/black, and silver/khaki.

External Link

Visit the Coach website for updated fashion and purchasing information:

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Balenciaga – Authorized Retailers

Balenciaga NY
This is the official website for Balenciaga. While you are not able to purchase the bags online, you can view styles and colors for the current season. You can also contact Bal-NY directly via their contact information. The store does not accept returns (except for damaged merchandise), but offers store credit within 14 days of shipment arrival.
List of Authorized International Retailers
Traveling to another country, or just unsure where to buy Balenciaga bags in your own country? Here’s a list of international Balenciaga retailers with their phone numbers.
Aloha Rag
This high end boutique located in HI stocks Balenciaga moto bags, and also maintains a waiting list for the next season’s colors. While you cannot buy the bags online (must fax in your order), free shipping, ability to make a return (with a restocking fee) and no sales tax makes this an excellent retailer. And Jumpei is one of the best SA’s around.
Recently, Bluefly has had several confirmed FAKE Balenciaga handbags in classique, city classique, and possibly other styles available for sale. When confronted with evidence, Bluefly refused to accept responsibility for the matter, refused to issue a FULL REFUND (i.e., shipping charges were not refunded) and insisted that the bags were authentic.Shame on you, Bluefly.
Browns UK
Located in the UK, Browns is a high end department store that also sells Balenciaga moto bags. You cannot buy the bags online through traditional point and click methods (Balenciaga does not allow this for any online shops), there are pictures available of new colors for the season.
Cricket DesignerWear
This brick and mortar store in Liverpool UK, a favorite among footballer wives/girlfriends, also has Balenciaga bags for sale.
Cult Status Australia
Located in Australia, this high end boutique carries Balenciaga bags with pictures available of the bags online.
Gretta Luxe
Although this high end boutique’s website does not offer any Balenciaga bags, the brick and mortar store in Wellesley, MA has some stock. So it is a good alternative when the other shops are sold out.
This family run high end shoe boutique (formerly known as Bob Ellis Shoes) located in Atlanta, GA also stocks Balenciaga bags (among other high end designer bags). However, you must complete the purchase offline in accordance with Balenciaga’s policies.
Luisa via Roma
This high end boutique located in the EU offers a great select of high end designer handbags, including Balenciaga bags. Although pictures of the bags are not readily available on the website, their CS will gladly email you a PDF of all the available bags.
Located in the suburbs of Chicago, Shirise offers Balenciaga moto bags for sale offline. Recently, Balenciaga SS 06 handbags went for 30% and then 50% sale, so it’s good to sign up for their email newsletter, and keep their number on your speed dial.

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Is your Authentic Designer Handbag Really Authentic?

So, you have just bought a new designer handbag. Maybe you have had your eye on a Christian Dior Saddle Handbag, or Gucci Jackie-O that you know your friends will drool over. You got a huge discount off the hefty retail price and you are feeling good about yourself. But know you are wondering – is my designer handbag authentic.

Determining the authenticity on any product can be a little tricky, but if you know the basics, you will be able to spot a fake in just a few seconds.

One of the best ways to ensure your new handbag is authentic is to look at the bag itself. Designer handbags are popular and cost as much as they due because first and for-most they are made from quality materials. Take a good look at the stitching. There should be no loose or missing stitches, the color of the thread should match the main color of the bag and the stitches should be evenly spaced. If the handbag is leather, the logo should be engraved, not just printed on the leather.

Also take a look at the hardware. All of the hardware should match in color and sheen. The hardware should also be free of scratches. Many manufactures, including Gucci, Fendi and Prada, protect their hardware with a removable plastic cover that is to be removed only after it has been purchased. The brand name or logo should be engraved, not embossed or simply printed on the hardware. You can also find the brand name of logo engraved on the strap hardware on Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Chanel…

Inspect the material the bag; lining, hardware and accents are made of. Many handbags are made of different types of leather, from Lambskin, Calfskin, Goatskin and Patent Leather, but it is easy to distinguish if the leather is of a good quality or not. The lining is usually made of a satin material that has a nice shine to it and most designer handbags have the name brand name or logo on the lining. Designers usually use leather accents, not plastic. Some purses have straps that are specially coated and seem to be artificial. However, a quick look at the edge of the strap, usually near a stitched joint, should reveal a leather core.

Is there an authenticity card. An authenticity card is a little card that usually has the manufactures logo embossed on the front and has some information about the product you purchased and sometimes includes a magnetic strip, bar code. Many manufacturers, including Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Kate Spade and Coach, use these cards.

Check for a serial number. Not all manufacturers use serial numbers, but many do. The serial number for Fendi purses can be found on the inside pocket. Simply turn the pocket inside out and there will be a printed number on the fabric or possibly on the leather tag. Gucci includes a small leather tag on the zipper seam of the handbag, which includes a serial number.

If you shop wisely, and inspect the bag carefully, you will be able to spot a fake from a mile away.

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Timeless Elegance Of The Coach Handbag

There are many types of handbags that a lady can carry, but the classic elegance and timeless style of the classic coach handbag is simply impossible to beat. Coach has long been recognized as the premier leather maker in the world, and the classic lines of purses, handbags, clutches, wallets and other accessories have made them a leader in the industry.

In addition to the coach handbag, the coach company also makes a number of excellent leather accessories including many fine belts and wallets. Pairing a classic handbag or purse from coach with a number of other great coach accessories is a great way to show off your personal taste and style and make a true fashion statement.

When considering a high priced purchase like a classic coach handbag it is of course important to shop carefully. True genuine coach handbags generally cost many hundreds of dollars, and while there are some sales and some deals to be had, chances are good that a genuine coach bag will cost a great deal of money. Even though these coach handbags can cost more than others it is important to remember that their high quality makes them more than worth the price.

While there are of course cheaper handbags on the market, none of these purses will be made to the exacting standards of the coach company. Buying a cheaper handbag may save you a little bit of money up front, but in the long run a classic and stylish handbag from the coach company will be the superior value in the long run. A beautiful purse or handbag from coach can last for many years, and represent a great overall value.

Of course the overwhelming popularity of the coach handbag, along with the reputation for quality that coach has built, has led to a number of cheap imitations and knockoffs. The looks of these cheap knockoffs can vary quite a bit, from obvious fakes that can be spotted a mile away, to fake products that can fool all but the most careful handbag shopper.

No matter what the appearance of the fake, however, it is important to remember that the quality of these fake coach handbags will not be up to the high quality standards of the coach company, and even if the handbags look good, they will not hold up to years of use like a genuine coach purse or handbag. It is important to look at the fine details of the coach purse, and not just the name on the outside. The genuine coach products will have fine quality stitching, and the interior of the purse will be just as attractive and well made as the exterior. Looking at the little details is one of the best ways to make sure you are getting the fine coach product you are paying so handsomely for.

There are coach stores in a large number of shopping malls located throughout the country, so finding a great selection of coach purses, handbags, wallets and accessories should not be difficult. Sorting through these great bags is a great way to determine which models best suit your needs. After all, coach makes a wide variety of different items, and it is important to shop around carefully.

Angle has been in the fashion industry for more than 15 years and most recently taken up interest in freelance writing in online fashion websites. For a free newsletter with the latest and hottest fashion trends in the handbag industry, please visit for designer inspired handbags.

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How to Care For Your Designer Handbag

Whether your designer handbag is a Louis Vuitton, a Gucci, or any other designer, it is important to take proper care of it. Proper care will give you many years of beauty and use in return.

Most leather designer bags are not treated. This allows the bags to age gracefully and with the character expected from a designer bag, making them distinct and unique. Keep your bag away from makeup, food, or any other oil-based product, which can stain. When you are not using your bag, store it in a protective cloth container.

The very first thing you should do is treat your handbag with a leather protector to prevent stains from setting in. No matter how careful you are, at some point your likely to leave a mark on it and the leather protection will not allow it to soak in so you’ll be able to more easily remove it.

What to do if you get a stain. Here’s some helpful tips worth trying.

Cleaning leather can be a bit difficult. Leather is rugged and lasts a long time but it does stain quite easily. Depending on the type of leather and the finish, will depend on the cleaning method used.

If a handbag is tanned, and pigmented you can try to wipe the stain with a soft damp clothe. If this doesn’t work, try a leather cleaner specifically made for the type of leather you have. Follow the directions carefully. Once the spot has been removed it is a good idea to re-condition the leather to restore the natural luster. Always test a leather product in inconspicuous spot before applying to your entire handbag.

If the leather has become discolored there are leather products on the market that can help restore color. Try to match the product as close as possible to the natural color of your handbag.

If your not sure, we would recommend you take it to a professional leather cleaner who will have the expertise to remove the stain.
Sher Matsen

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Marc Jacobs – Authorized Retailers

Barney’s NY
Purchase MJ handbags online at the famous high end luxury department store website.
Bergdorf Goodman
This department store giant offers MJ handbags to purchase online (and frequently with the pre-order option for elusive “IT” bags). It sometimes has different selection than Neiman Marcus, so check both when searching for a bag.
One of the only high end designer lines that carries is Marc Jacobs.
Blue Bee Online
The brick and mortar store is in Santa Barbara, CA, but a great online website gives shoppers worldwide the option to purchase MJ handbags.
Browns UK
Located in the UK, Browns is a high end department store that sells MJ handbags.
This website operated by the LVHM group sells MJ handbags.
Jefferys/Bob Ellis Shoes
This family run high end shoe boutique (formerly known as Bob Ellis Shoes) located in Atlanta, GA also stocks MJ bags (among other high end designer bags).
Luisa via Roma
For US readers, LVR may be a cheap source for MJ (make sure to do some calculations to check). Not only do you receive a 17.5% VAT refund, but you also don’t pay as much in customs fees as you do with Net-a-Porter. Along with a great selection of handbags, there is also the option to pre-order, guaranteeing that “IT” bag you’ve been eyeing. The only drawback to pre-ordering is that your credit card is charged once the bag comes in or after 20 days, whichever comes first. So you may end up with a credit card charge a month or two before you receive the bag.
Neiman Marcus
This department store giant offers Chloe handbags to purchase online (and frequently with the pre-order option for elusive “IT” bags). It also has great sales twice a year.
For our international readers, Net-a-porter sells MJ handbags with little fuss (you pre-pay all your duty fees). If you are interested in pre-ordering, simply email Lucie at
Known for their impeccable customer service and great sales, Nordstrom carries MJ handbags.
The Purse Store
With two locations in the Baltimore and Bethesda, MD area, the Purse Store is doing excellent business. Use the code FREESHIP to get free shipping with orders over $200.
Ron Herman
The famous brick and mortar store that the starlets shop at is located in CA, but now the website makes open for business nationwide. MJ handbags available for purchase online.
Saks Fifth Avenue
Purchase MJ bags online. Smaller selection online than the NM or BG websites, but frequent 10% coupons make it worth your while.
Scoop NYC
Another good option for MJ handbags, this boutique has several brick and mortar locations (one recently opened up in Chicago).
Located in the Chicago suburbs, this high end boutique specializes in designer women’s shoes, but also sells a great selection of designer handbags, including MJ.
Shop Twigs
Located in Madison, WI, Shop Twigs offers free shipping on orders over $150! So it’s a great place to look for MJ handbags.
Located in Princeton, NJ and Brooklyn, NYC, this fabulous online shopping site sells both Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags. Accepts full price returns if request is made within 7 days of receiving of goods (however, check the website for the most up-to-date return policy).

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Beauty Of Brighton Handbags

While there are many brands of purses on the market, at a variety of different prices, there is something about Brighton handbags that make them a great choice for many women. Choosing the right handbag or purse is always an important choice, since a purse can be much more than a merely utilitarian item. Indeed, a purse can be a true fashion statement, and it is important to choose a style that is a true reflection of your own unique personal taste and style.

The people who make Brighton handbags understand how important a woman’s purse can be, and they make a wide variety of different styles designed for a variety of different tastes. From casual handbags to contemporary handbags, there are certainly plenty of styles to choose from.

These great handbags also feature a number of great materials including leather, canvas and other types of fabrics, as well as a number of different colors and patterns, including a number of great floral prints and striped patterns.

Brighton handbags also come in a number of different sizes, from large hobo bags and shoulder bags designed to carry virtually everything any woman could need, to the smallest and most stylish of clutch style bags that would be perfect for a night on the town.

When shopping for a luxury item like a Brighton handbag, it is important to shop around for the best price. These luxury items are sold at a variety of different stores, from midrange and high end department stores to specialty stores. In addition, these fine products are sold at a number of internet retailers as well, and the prices these internet retailers have to offer can be a excellent as well.

While the prices on these high quality designer handbags and purses can vary quite a bit, the retail price of most Brighton handbags is several hundred dollars, with some models costing a little more and some a little less. No matter what the retail price, however, it is important to remember that these fine handbags are designed and made to last for many years, and unlike cheaper purses they will be around long after the cheaper purses have hit the trash bin.

These practical considerations are vital, but they can often be overlooked during the search for the best handbag at the best price. No matter what your price range, however, it is important to remember that the handbag you choose should be made of the highest quality materials, and it should be able to stand up to repeated usage as well. In addition, it is important to choose a handbag or purse with plenty of room inside, and plenty of handy and secure pockets for carrying around those expensive technological gadgets like cell phones, pagers and MP3 players. Having a number of secure pockets is essential, and it is important to look for these details, as well as for a chic and stylish handbag.

Angle has been in the fashion industry for more than 15 years and most recently taken up interest in freelance writing in online fashion websites. For a free newsletter with the latest and hottest fashion trends in the handbag industry, please visit for designer inspired handbags.

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