Chloe – Authorized Retailers

This is the link to the official Chloe website. Although you cannot purchase the bags directly online, this site has pictures of all the bags available for a given season, making it an indispensable resource.
Aloha Rag
This high end boutique located in Hawaii carries Chloe handbags online. If you don’t see a bag on the site, or would like to waitlist for a bag, you can always email the wonderful SA Jumpei.
Bergdorf Goodman
This department store giant offers Chloe handbags to purchase online (and frequently with the pre-order option for elusive “IT” bags). It sometimes has different selection than Neiman Marcus, so check both when searching for a bag.
Recently, Bluefly has had several confirmed FAKE Chloe handbags in paddington satchel, hobo, and possibly other styles available for sale. When confronted with evidence, Bluefly refused to accept responsibility for the matter, refused to issue a FULL REFUND (i.e., shipping charges were not refunded) and insisted that the bags were authentic.Shame on you, Bluefly. So Bluefly is definitely NOT an authorized retailer, and I strongly recommend against shopping with them.
Cricket DesignerWear
This brick and mortar store in Liverpool UK, a favorite among footballer wives/girlfriends, also has Chloe Paddington and Silverado bags for sale.
Helen Yi
This high end boutique in Chicago carries an extensive amount of Chloe handbags and clothes. Last time I checked, they had the Paddington, Silverado, Betty, and Edith (though the Edith sold out quickly) all available. While you cannot order online yet, the SA’s are very helpful.
Luisa via Roma
For shoppers located in the US, LVR may be the cheapest source as far as authorized retailers of Chloe go. Not only do you receive a 17.5% VAT refund, but you also don’t pay as much in customs fees as you do with Net-a-Porter. Along with a great selection of handbags, there is also the option to pre-order, guaranteeing that “IT” bag you’ve been eyeing. The only drawback to pre-ordering is that your credit card is charged once the bag comes in or after 20 days, whichever comes first. So you may end up with a credit card charge a month or two before you receive the bag.
Neiman Marcus
This department store giant offers Chloe handbags to purchase online (and frequently with the pre-order option for elusive “IT” bags).
One of the few authorized online retailers of Chloe handbags and based in the UK, also maintains waiting lists for the bags, and offers prices with built in duty (no more guess work on how much the bag is actually going to cost you when it goes through customs).

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Looking for a Sexy Handbag?

Check Out the Balenciaga Handbag!

Balenciaga handbags are known for being one of the sexiest designer handbags straight out of Europe. Every woman is sexy in her own way, and a Balenciaga handbag is designed to complement and enhance that sexiness. Now that sounds like a handbag worth spending your money on!

Balenciaga designer handbags were created in 1919 by Cristobal Balenciaga. His eye for designing high quality, stylish handbags is apparent in the success of his company. He opened designer salons in San Sebastian, Barcelona, and Spain, where women went to purchase the finest couture.

Everybody who is anybody in fashion also knows Balenciaga as the cult label. This designer of high quality, stylish handbags is right up there with the likes of Gucci, Chanel, and Prada. A great crowd to be associated with. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, a Balenciaga bag will definitely help you achieve this.

The Balenciaga motorcycle bag comes in a variety of sizes and styles. They have large ones if you need to pack a few things for an overnighter or small dainty ones just big enough to carry your necessities. These wonderful designer handbags come in every color you could possibly imagine, from bright green to eggplant and everything in between. With this broad of a selection of colors and styles, Balenciaga is sure to have something to suit your own specific tastes and lifestyle!

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Learn How To Get The Best Handbag

Designer Handbags

Not all designer handbags are impossibly small or unnecessarily big, thus, when you choose an imitation designer handbag, you will save money and loose nothing but that tiny, designer brand-name label. The most famous designer handbags are always the impressive and most expensive handbags, however they are virtually always the highest quality handbags as well.

Ladies are increasingly investing in fashion accessories, particularly designer handbags, you’ve probably seen sites advertising replica designer handbags. Sometimes, they even come with replica designer tags, dust bags, and receipts. is it a genuine designer handbag or a knock-off that would naturally be available at a significantly lower price. One needs a discerning eye to spot a genuine, discounted designer handbag in a market flooded with many fakes.

If you have an eye for detail, you can save a lot of cash while buying wholesale designer handbags for resale. A source for wholesale designer handbags is eBay. Counterfeit fashion is a universally growing business, and it is getting increasingly difficult to differentiate designer handbags from non real ones.

Knockoff designer goods are readily available on the street in areas such as Los Angeles’ Santee Street and New York’s Canal Street, on the Internet alone, there are literally hundreds of sites selling fake designer handbags at low low costs. There’s a new kid on the block in the wonderful, wacky world of designer handbags, can you guess? Owner and writer of Designer Fashion Trends – all of the latest on Fashion Info. There are many web sites out there claiming to sell authentic designer handbags, but there is no simply formula that will determine whether a web site sells authentic designer handbags.

Designer Purses

This allows you to have two purses for the price of one. USE THE CLOTH: Cloth purses are very casual fashion items but they are very popular, of course, buckles have been in for the last couple years and they will still be found on Wholesale Prada handbags, Gucci and Dior purses as well. If you’re looking for something a little different, there are literally thousands of beautifully crafted unique handbags and purses available for purchase online, here is a brief rundown of what’s coming in unique purses and handbags in 2008.

Cigar Box Purses, the unique women who carries a cigar box purse likes to be different and stand out from the crowd. There are many different kinds of leather purses as well, for this very reason, leather purses usually cost more than any other material, but just remember that it’s also going to last longer than any other handbag.

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Questions to Ask When Selecting a Handbag

Getting a nice handbag nowadays means you have tons of options. It goes way beyond the overall look (although that is normally what catches your attention). Things such as what kinds of material it is made out of such as leather, heavy nylon, etc.

Do you want a handbag or purse that has a embroidered logo dangling on it and a zippered closure or a bag that is open with no trademarks on it?

Also there are considerations as to the origin country of the handbag. A popular place where handbags are made is from Italy and France. These countries are well known for fine fashions in general.

One thing you want to make not of is also if there is a certificate of authenticity attached to the bag. Nowadays counterfeit products are getting harder and harder to spot, but if you have the right eye and experience for these things, you should be able to tell apart the real thing from a fake.

One final thing that should be of prime consideration is the dimensions of the handbag. Do you prefer a wider or taller handbag or some combination thereof? How deep should the base of the handbag be?

You should keep in mind when reviewing handbags those just a few questions.
By Morgan Ross

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How to Tell an Authentic Handbag from a Fake

A handbag is an important part of a woman’s get up, as we all know. The right or wrong handbag can either make or break the perfect outfit. With disposable incomes on the rise, for a woman to own a top range handbag is not uncommon.

However, there are many women out there who are purchasing counterfeit versions both unwittingly and knowingly. Some of these purchasers simply don’t care. On the other hand, the fake bag may take some of you in.

So, it important to know how to tell apart an authentic bag from the knock out varieties. After all, you did want the genuine designer article, didn’t you?

BAG THE DIFFERENCE: A knock out or fake handbag will be a knockoff of the original- including fake logs. However, a look-alike handbag is a handbag that is inspired by the original.

Remember, that the fake handbags can also have authentic features, such as lampo or ykk zippers, authentic looking monogram placement, dust bags, authentic tags, just about everything. You may even get a receipt!

Just remember a simple point. If the handbag is a quality one the handbag will literally stand up on its own. This is because authentic bags use high quality leather, which is so good, that it is strong enough to stand up on its own weight. Besides, the handles wont ever collapse. Knockout handbags have a tendency to collapse under their own weight!!

TIPS AHOY: If you are still not clear on how to tell the real stuff from the knockout follow these tips:

Always buy from a real seller or designer outlets. Never buy on-line or at sales. This will ensure the authenticity of the handbag. The only guaranteed way to know your bag is authentic is to buy directly from designer stores or stores long established in selling designer ranges

Check the bag for digits: Most authentic handbags have either a control card or control number on the inside, as well as a certificate of authenticity. The number on the tag or control card should match the number printed on the lining. If you can, register your bag.

Quality matters, so feel the bag. Authentic bags will have soft leather or suede. Fakes tend to feel more like plastic. Weight makes a difference. Real leather is heavier.

Small details make the difference. The lining and stitching can help to differentiate a fake handbag from an authentic one. The knockout bags may have thread hanging or may be frayed in the corner. Authentic handbags are also often lined with fabric with the brand’s specific logo or monogram on it.

On a knockout handbag the stitching may not be completely straight, or may be a different color. Even the color of the outside of the bag may be a little off. Authentic handbags won’t have kinks in the straps. Zippers will match the skin color well and the designer run of bags may only truly come in a very small range of colors.

Very smooth and over shiny highly processed leather is often a sign of a fake. Poor uneven stitching is a sure dead give away of a fake.

Check the logo. Pay special attention to the pattern of printed monogram styles. There may be simple spelling mistakes, although the patterns may be the same Well-designed bags with logo fabrics never run the lettering into the seam lines.

The hardware is important. On knock-offs, the hardware tends to be oversized. Always check the placement of the hardware and the distressing on bags. The trademark nameplate may be huge on a knock-off. Many authentic designs also have details such as a logo or letter on the zippers and clasps.

You can also keep in mind that designers tend to be repetitive. Each style handbag will have an exactly same pattern that is followed. Nothing will vary. The patterns, the logo all will follow the same line, stitches. There is never anything haphazard about true designer bags. The same number of stitches is used and each stitch is the same size!

In authentic handbags zippers will glide smoothly, hardware is weighty; everything is exact and is of the highest quality. There will be no fly tabs to the zips.

Now, with these tips you can easily spot the fake handbags from the authentic ones, and be sure that what you are buying is the genuine item, that true blue authentic handbag you have always wanted!

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How to Choose the Perfect Handbag

There are so many handbags on offer, how to select the one that would complement your figure and go with most of your outfits? See fashion expert tips.

What purse style would work best with your figure?

Never mind the current fashion: your handbag should first complement your figure. A tiny purse on a largish woman looks a bit silly. But even though large bags are in fashion now, don’t go overboard, otherwise the bag will distract attention from your person.

If you are slim and tall, go for a round or square shaped purse. If you are not very tall, a bottle shaped handbag would look best. And, of course, a not very large backpack works perfectly for any figure.

Most handbags have adjustable handles, so make use of them. Large bags should never hang at the level of your hips: if necessary shorten the handle, so the bag comes to your waistline. And if you wear a backpack, it should not hang down over your backside: adjust the handles so it is just above your waist. This looks better, does not put as much pressure on your lower back, and forces you to keep a good posture.

What color should you choose?

These days handbags are very colorful. Of course, this means that you can no longer have just one bag that would go with any outfit you wear. However, if you wear a lot of blue, orange or green, a matching color purse would make your outfit complete. Fruit prints are currently ‘in’, with the most popular being cherries, peaches and apples.

As far as prints go, a plain, one-color handbag is more practical as it is easier to match with your clothes. However, if you wear a single-colored dress, adding a bright, multicolored handbag might be a good idea.

Also each season of the year favors different handbag colors. All greens are very popular in spring, while red and orange are often seen in autumn. Winter favorites are white and all shades of blue.

And, of course, black is still a classic, which goes with any outfit. Brown handbags, too, are still popular although they are not very practical: a brown bag would only work with brown or beige clothing.

What are most fashionable purse materials?

Leather is always a classic, and it works for any situation and with any outfit. However, other purse materials are fashionable now. Fabric bags can look very stylish, as well as a mix of fabric and leather. Straw bags are simple, and create a great look for the summer. Moreover, since straw looks very natural, it works well with a summer outfit of any color


What Everyone Should Know About Handbags

A handbag is a word that brings up numerous images. Depending on the era you most relate too, handbags may illicit memories of the stylish trend associated with your favorite handbag. Yes, everyone has a favorite: sometimes two or three. A good handbag will withstand the test of time. A good handbag can be proudly passed from a grandmother to her excited granddaughter.

Perhaps the versatility of the handbag is the deciding factor in its durability; however, durability has many factors. The majority of fashionable and versatile handbags are designed and created in leather. Even leather is not completely cut-and-dry. There are many types of leather, each with its own characteristics: ostrich, rawhide, lamb, deer, moose, alligator, and swine just to name a few good examples. The process in which the leather is processed, treated, cured, and eventually shaped is extremely important to the life of the handbag. Obviously, many of the handbag designers are going to use a higher quality of leather depending on the potential price tag to the consumer.

Of course, the actual design of the handbag is essential to the life of the handbag as well. The compartments of a handbag are a vitally important feature to any handbag. However, some people like many compartments, some like only a few: some like big compartments, some like small. Handbag designers try to keep the variety of their potential consumers in mind. One thing is certain about the design of the handbag: all handbags are potentially unique. All handbags offer the individual user a sense of uniqueness and style. Handbags are an invaluable accessory to anyone’s wardrobe: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Price is an important consideration to many people purchasing a handbag. Finding a reasonable and acceptable price is often daunting and something straight out of a spy movie. Finding a Mulberry handbag for $29 on the street corner may seem exceptionally wonderful. However, you must ask yourself: do you honestly believe that a Mulberry handbag for $29 is an authentic Mulberry handbag? Many people sell imitation handbags – often referred to as “knock-offs”. If a handbag looks like a name brand handbag, has the name brand tag, and is a steal… proceed with extreme caution. Owning a knock-off brand is illegal in most countries. Now keep in mind that many people purchase replica handbags. These handbags do not claim to be the original brand at all, but closely replicated facsimiles. Of course, the replica handbags are not going to be the same quality of the name brand. Remember: you get what you pay for.

Deciding to purchase a handbag is filled with options, options, and more options. Do not feel overwhelmed. Be aware of what you want before you begin. Know the price range you are looking for. Know the options you just cannot live without. Then buy exactly what you want and need. A good handbag will offer the owner many important factors: versatility, reliability, functionality, and all of this while remaining stylish, trendy, and affordable.


Prada Glace Zippers Bowler

Prada - Glace Zippers Bowler

Because of its glaring steel plate front, this Prada Glace Zippers Bowler may be a Prada purse that only a Pittsburgh native could love. This handbag is a weird hodgepodge of classic, tasteful design (that smooth glace leather, available in black and gray) and funky, futuristic details like the steel, zippers, and padlocks. I just don’t think that all of these gleaming do-dashes belong on the same bag. Ultimately, I see this is a beautiful timeless leather handbag that was ruined by too much “flair”.


Prada Handbags

A Prada handbag is one of the finest brands of handbags ever designed. If you are searching for the best in designer handbags, then Prada handbags definitely fit the mold. Prada is synonymous with style and elegance making these handbags a very sought after commodity. Even though Prada designer handbags may demand a higher dollar, they are worth every penny. The internet offers you the best of Prada at discount prices.

Types of Prada Handbags

The Miu Miu handbag collection by Prada has become increasingly popular. Miuccia Prada designed this line for the casual woman. You can find authentic Miu Miu handbags in a variety of styles such as the outdoor, casual, sport, or city, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Beautiful muted colors, original, yet unique styling, and fantastic attention to detail make this line of Prada designer handbags top choice on many women’s “must have” list.

Sturdy, functional, and fashionable: Prada handbags are the purse equivalent to the little black dress. Each season, a new line of purses debuts to take advantage of current style trends and seasonal needs, but throughout the years Prada has maintained some of the highest quality in the industry. Even though the designer handbags may be primarily traditional styles, the shapes, proportions, and overall sizes vary to meet different women’s varying fashion needs and preferences. Typical characteristics of Prada bags include:
Superior quality materials such as calfskin, leather, deerskin, fox fur trim, and nylon.
Gold or silver hardware, including clasps, strap hooks, and buckles.
Antiqued finishes and contrasting stitching on some designs for added distinction.
Simple designs as well as pleats, gathers, and drawstrings for trendier bags.
Magnetic snap closures and zippered inner pockets.
Detachable identification tags, key rings, and cross body straps.
The signature Prada logo plate prominently displayed.

Prada purses come in a variety of neutral colors to emphasize their functionality and practicality, including camel, champagne, pewter, white, black, and natural canvas. Occasionally, more distinctive prints such as animal patterns or brighter colors are used for seasonal lines.

Where to Buy Authentic Prada Handbags

Other than the designer’s own boutiques, Prada bags are sold only at high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Bergdorf Goodman. Reputable online merchants such as occasionally offer discounted designer bags (usually seasonal styles that are now outdated), but consumers should take care to verify the authenticity of any purchase as well as noting return policies and guarantees before purchasing a bag online.

Because of the high demand for Prada purses and the care that must be given to their manufacture, most stores limit the quantities that consumers can purchase. Typically, one consumer can only buy three items of the same design in a 30-day period to control the supply that is available and to prevent profiteering and immediate resale.


Gucci Handbags

It was over 70 years ago when the first Gucci handbag was introduced to the world of designer handbags. It was not long after that, the famous Gucci name became a symbol of luxury and a reflection of style and elegance for those who carried Gucci handbags. Today, Gucci remains a status symbol, however, due to the widespread use of online handbag shopping, women of all income levels are able to locate and purchase these fine designer handbags at unbelievable prices.

Women of all ages can be seen flaunting their Gucci designer handbags on regular occasions. Carrying one of these posh designer handbags over your shoulder is definitely a sign of status, something that many women desire. You are a beautiful and confident woman and you deserve to have the best in a handbag, and with Gucci that’s exactly what you’re getting! Every woman can and should have at least one Gucci designer handbag in her closet, although one Gucci often isn’t enough.

The famous Gucci bag is the perfect complement for any elegant outfit. You deserve to have your own Gucci designer handbag to complete and enhance your look. Nowadays, Gucci bags can be found at prices more affordable to the average consumer, especially those handbags found online.

Styles of Gucci Handbags

There are several different basic styles of Gucci bags, including totes, clutches, and unisex hobo models. Each style comes in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors to suit any fashion need, and the classic elegance of Gucci is easily paired with both formal styles and casual attire.

While the Gucci name is instantly recognizable, the bags are each distinctive and offer multiple features for style, practicality, and convenience. Depending on the specific model, features may include:
Gold hardware for simple understated luxury.
Braided or chain straps for added distinction.
Playful and flirtatious tassel, charm, or stud accents.
Detachable shoulder straps.
Flap or top closures with either zippers or magnets for security.
Sturdy bottom feet to support larger bags.
Interior and exterior pockets including specialized cell phone pockets.
The signature interlocking double G logo.

One of Gucci’s signature traits is its incredible range of fabric options for different handbag styles. While most designers offer different models in different fabrics and materials, Gucci routinely offers popular styles with a wide selection of fabric choices to allow individuals to choose their favorite bag as well as the type of fabric they prefer. Leather is always a popular choice and comes in several neutral hues, and other materials include velvet, suede, mink, denim, fox fur, and snakeskin. Perhaps the rarest selection is crocodile skin, which is used in a number of bags and different colors, including sage green and classic black. Because of its rarity, crocodile skin bags are substantially more expensive than the same bags in other fabrics.

Brown GG logo monogram is presented on beige jacquard fabric. The famous Gucci red and green strap secures all the items inside the bag. Grainy dark brown leather is trimmed on the bottom of the bag. The interior is lined with high quality dark brown fabric, and there is also a zipper compartment. The bag is secured by a gold Gucci emblem clip buckle. Accented with GOLD hardwares. A Controllato card and a dust bag included.

Brown GG logo monogram is presented on jacquard fabric. Single adjustable strap allows for carrying over the shoulder. Decored with grainy dark brown leather and hard golden hardware in front of the handbag. The interior is lined with high quality brown fabric, and there is also a zipper compartment. The bag is secured by a dard brown leather slip. A Controllato card and a dust bag included.

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Designer Diaper Bags

Designer diaper bags combine practical functionality with top-quality materials and tasteful designs. Gone are the days when women are forced to forsake fashion for motherhood — today’s stylish Moms can look great while having their little ones’ necessities easily at hand.

Types of Designer Diaper Bags

Designer diaper bags come in many of the today’s hottest bag looks. Whether you want something small for essentials or a roomier bag that can hold many items, you can find top-of-the-line baby bags in favorite styles such as:

Backpacks and Mini Backpacks
Messenger Style Diaper Bags
Hobo and Slouch Style Diaper Bags
Tote Style Diaper Bags
Stroller Diaper Bags
Shoulder Bags
Mini Bags
Bucket Style Diaper Bags


There are many unique styles and a wide range of designers, each contributing their own unique talents to their collections. The popular OiOi bags, designer by Lisa Bennetts, focus on sophistication. Her designs include both solid colors and prints, but the colors are not the traditional diaper bags primary colors. Instead, she creates she utilizes colors like lime, coral, and azure blue. Her patterns include small checks, paisley, oversized dot patterns, and others that offer a sleek, modern style without being severe.

Designers Angie Chung and Janet Lee developed the Mia Bossi name, creating diaper bags that sought to exude style. Their aptly named motto, “Diapers in Disguise,” epitomizes their designer diaper bags. The collections resemble designer handbags much more than any traditional diaper bag. The designs, in fact, are like oversized handbags, with the hidden diaper bag functionalities that mothers need. Italian inspired designer, Italian leather, and striking hardware are the backbone of these sophisticated bags.

The JP Lizzy collections from designer Wendy Barry, offer cheerful, stylish diaper bags. Designed around the popular and functional tote-style bag, these diaper bags utilize the extra space offered by squared style bags, creating ultra-roomy bags for stowing baby gear. Pastels in her collections are offset with sophisticated black or chocolate, and her colored bags invite freshness and fun into modern style.

Other popular diaper bag designer brands include:
2 Red Hens
Baby Kaed
Bumble Bags
Caden Lane
Cargo Cutie
Debbie Rott
Diaper Dude
Eddie Bauer
Holly Aiken
Ju Ju Be
Petunia Picklebottom
Posh Baby
Rebecca Denny Designs
Reese Li
Sally Spicer
Skip Hop
Stork Sak
Timi and Leslie
Tommy Hilfiger
Trend Lab

From Designer Handbags to Diaper Bags

Many well known designer handbag names now offer stylish, contemporary designer diaper bags to meet their customer demand. These names are long trusted in the handbag sector, and their quality and style naturally extend to their diaper bag selections.

Gucci, Kate Spade, Prada, Coach, Vera Bradley Handbags, Juicy Couture, and other designer names all carry diaper bags. You can rest assured that you’ll be toting baby’s essentials around in a bag with the same quality craftsmanship as these designers’ handbags.

What to Look For

Finding the perfect, stylish diaper bag may take more than just finding a style you like. You also want to ensure that the designer bag you’re choosing has the functional and organizational features you need.

Look for:
Fabrics that are stain resistant
A style that fits your frame
Feet or reinforcements on bottom of bag
Shoulder straps to keep your hands free
Accompanying changing pad and slot for changing pad
Bottle pockets or loops
Insulated compartments for breast milk or formula
Pocket or bag for wipes, utensils, or other small items
Enclosure that open easily or with one hand


As with most designer items, designer diaper bags vary in price depending on the designer, extent of craftsmanship, and materials. There are many affordable priced designer baby bags. For under $100, you can get a cute bag from Vera Bradley or Skip Hop.

For those looking at the crème-de-la-crème of diaper bags, such as Gucci, diaper bags start at just under six hundred dollars.

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Chanel Handbags

The Chanel handbag is a well known designer handbag adored by designer handbag connoisseurs the world over. The Chanel name has been around for many years earning itself a position high on the handbag fashion ladder. Women all over the world currently have Chanel handbags in their closets, but there is always room for more purses and handbags!

The Chanel name has become a symbol of status and beauty sought after by women worldwide. It all started many years ago when a very talented young lady named Coco Chanel, with an eye for style made her way into the fashion world. She was chic and on the the cutting edge, with an ability to create incredibly stunning designer fashions. This eye for style trickled down to her Chanel designer handbag, purse, and wallet creations making them number “1” on the most wanted list. Classic Chanel Handbags.

The First Chanel Bags Although Coco began with hats and clothing, designer handbags were a natural progression. A purse is an extension of a woman’s wardrobe, along with her shoes and perfume. Chanel handbags are an expansion of the Chanel fashions, with the same traditions being incorporated into the bags’ designs.
With matching fabrics, trims and fine details, the first Chanel handbags were a classic fit to the rest of the brand. When a woman in the early 1900s would dress, she could easily create a matched outfit complete with her Chanel clothes and accessories.

The Little Black Bag It is no surprise that when Chanel invented the “Little Black Dress” along with it came the “Little Black Bag”. Then, when she expanded her costume jewelry line, her handbags began to be accessorized with:

  • gold chains
  • clasps
  • and jeweled buttons.

Her signature bag become the black handbag with the gold chain shoulder strap, Coco herself never left the house without it.

The Shoulderbag

Along with her liberation of women through clothing, Coco also incorporated this mission within her handbag collection. In the 1930s, she created the first handbag that could hang on a woman’s shoulder. With the idea that freeing a woman’s hand movements would free her personality, the first shoulder bag was born. The Chanel shoulder bag had a slow beginning, but really took off in the 1950s.
At this time, Chanel re-released a slimmed down, squared and quilted shoulder bag version, which became an instant status symbol for the next fifty years.

Chanel Bags Today In many ways, today’s Chanel handbags have changed very little. The timeless fashion of a Chanel bag highlights the collection of many purse enthusiasts. Aspects of the original bags that have been maintained are:

  • The original quilted leather.
  • The textured fabrics.
  • The chains.
  • The signature symbol of two CC’s.

With a classic and ageless appearance, the Chanel collection for fall 2006 still offers similar trends to history, from tweeds to chains, and always a “little black bag”. The product line is limited and only varies slightly with each new season.

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