Replica Handbag Grading System – “AAAA” or Mirror Handbags?

So what about the woman who doesn’t want to spend a fortune, or who can’t afford to spend a fortune for a designer purse or handbag?

Well, one thing she can do is buy fake or replica designer handbags. There are very well made replica handbags on the market today that will fool EVERYONE.

There is a grading system that will help you make sure that you’re getting a well made imposter bag. The grading system uses “A”‘s. Some handbags now claim they are 7 “A” handbags.

Instead of focusing an an “A” grade perhaps you should look for what are called mirror bags. These mirror handbags are 99% replicas which can fool even those that consider themselves experts.

Grading using “A”, “AA”, “AAA”, “AAAA”, etc. can be confusing.

I saw a fake designer Chanel handbag advertised as “AAAAA”. However, when I clicked as if to purchase the bag it was described as an “AAA” quality. The “AAA” quality replica handbag sold for $269. A lesser quality of the same handbag, what they called a “B” quality sold for $119.

I have even noticed someone calling their replica handbags “authentic grade”.

The majority of replica handbags on the market are 3A or “AAA” or 4A “AAAA”. There will be some subtle differences between these bags, namely quality of materials used. The hardware or zippers may not be the same as used in the original bag and leather quality not as high as the 5A bag (if you can find it).

The bags go down in quality with grade 1A being considered cheap imitation or designer inspired, having some of the characteristics of the original designer bag.

Whatever bag you buy make sure you have a complete MONEY BACK GUARANTEE from the seller – no questions asked.

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  2. By ronald on Jan 2, 2010 | Reply

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  3. By Bree on Jan 6, 2017 | Reply

    Where to find the AAAA or 1:1 quality? Im willing to pay more for a tpp end quality.

  4. By Lisa on Jan 13, 2018 | Reply

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