The Ultimate Handbag – The Fendi Handbag

Fendi handbags have a well-established reputation for fine craftsmanship and an unprecedented attention to detail. These fine handbags incorporate both a classic style and exciting innovation.

In terms of popularity, Fendi handbags are amongst the most desired handbags in the entire fashion industry.

The recognizable design and the quality of workmanship have both contributed to the Fendi handbag being a very popular fashion item amongst celebrities and other rich and famous people.

Having produced quality fashion products for more than 75 years has established Fendi as an icon in the fashion world. They are considered by many to be amongst the top of the most magnificent and most respected designer labels.

The work of Karl Lagerfeld, one of the most respected fashion designers in the industry, has led to some of Fendi’s well-known designs. Karl Lagerfeld acted as Fendi’s creative director. During his tenure at Fendi he designed some of the most thrilling and exclusive pieces in the Fendi collection.

To give you an idea of how well sought after these Fendi handbags can be, consider the Baguette. These handbags can easily fetch the price of $30,000. This vintage Fendi handbag has a short shoulder strap and it is carried under the arm. The shape of the bag resembles the French baguette, hence its name.

Less expensive Fendi handbags are still not cheap. A Fendi handbag can easily set you back between $1500 and $3000. The exclusivity of these handbags and their popularity amongst the rich and famous are two of the reasons for the high prices that they command.

Fendi does not only produce handbags. They also make other fashion accessories, which also carry high price tags due to the status of the label.

The Fendi handbags and accessories are probably out of reach of the average person. Nevertheless, it is always good to know how to identify these items and impress your friends by pointing them out. You also never know when you might run into an authentic Fendi handbag that is being sold by somebody who does not know the real value.

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